Going to the Library

I am in the process of making a reading list but since the overall topic of land preservation is HUGE- I am going to try to break it down to what I need to research in order to have a good enough understanding of the subject to build the narrative.
LAND PRESERVATION : specific details about the kinds of issues involved in preserving land so i can work them into the narrative- what are the real threats?-what kinds of environments are being threatened?- is modernization an issue?- is housing an issue?- what kind of development is really happening?- how are animals effected?CURRICULUM: what are 8th graders learning on the topic?- what is the current didactic materials being offered?- what kind of in-class discussions are taking place?REAL LIFE CASES: what is really happening?- case studies?- American case studies?- statistics about virgin land in America?/ world?PRECEDENTS: what has been done on the subject?- animation-psa's- games-literature-art- other