Making a simple repeat

* note: I edited this post because I don't want to deter people from learning directly from the source. Please check out the Skillshare class *

I recently took a class on hand drawn pattern making on Skillshare by one of my favorite designers, Julia Rothman. I thought that I'd share my work because it was a ton of fun and really, anyone can do it - with or without a computer. I think that it would be a great activity to teach learners so that they can have a better understanding about how repeats work on the web.

This is what the original tile looks like:

original tile

If you stopped here and made tons of photocopies, you'd have your repeat. boom.

I wanted to add some colors. So, I scanned the image and then cleaned up the file in Photoshop. I had to get rid of the lines that I had on the paper because of the cutting and taping.I also had to connect lines that weren't closed so that I could later add a color fill.

editing in photoshop

Then, I colored in the drawing. This took a while, mainly because I was playing around with my palette. It was really quite easy though, I just took the color fill bucket and filled in all of the shapes.

final pattern

For a first try, I'm pretty happy with this. I am going to continue to practice and to attempt a half drop repeat, which is more of a diagonal repeat. It was a lot of fun.