Notes from 9/10 Thesis Studio

Immediate To Do:- define thesis question- define "user group"Iteration Cycles: decide on critical part of thesis inquiry that must be solvedplanning the iteration schedule and breaking down tasks to address one or all aspects of the project (look and feel, production delivery, implementation and distribution)verify and advancecontextualizedocument and evaluateUpcoming Schedule9/7- make and brief writing9/14- test and brief writing- research supported9/21- evaluate and brief DUEAdvisorsidentify advisors within the faculty and in the outside worldidentify a mentoridentify a cohort: a core group of people that i will regularly be working closely with. (identify audience.) a twitter group is fine. General NotesThink about what I can do to play with my idea in a non- goal oriented, exploratory way.Think about how I am framing my questions for each iterationMy thesis question should include one or more hypothesisConcept Brief: most important/ best paragraph you've ever written in your lifeImpetus Brief: why is this something that I and others may be passionate aboutYou can say that you are making an exploratory experiment with no predictable outcome