Update: I have put up the icons on "" and they are available on "". File issues!

Over the past few months I have been wishing that there was a pack of icons that I could use whenever I was working on privacy or security related designs. I started to write down a short list of the icons that I wished were available and then writing - led to doodling - doodling led to mocking up - and mocking up led to sharing. I have never made an icon set so this was new territory for me. My goal is to eventually save the icons, upload them as svgs and share them freely with a [Creative Commons]("") license. Before polishing them up for distribution, I would like some feedback via [twitter](""):

  • what do you like that you see here?
  • what icons do you wish were here, or how would you like to see the current set changed?
  • where you might imagine using such icons?



Bringing the ideas into Adobe Illustrator:


Exports - as I iterated:

privicons - heavier stroke

privicons - 4 stroke